Katharina Lanz (BDÜ)

Certified Translator

Bruktererweg 11, 59229 Ahlen
Tel. + 49 2382 - 76 65 785
Mobile + 49 173 - 39 39 511


Precise and Accurate Translations

Based on 30 years of experience and a sound commercial training, Katharina Lanz works as a freelance translator and interpreter for German, English and French since 2010.

The well-versed interpreter has specialized in complex technical and business fields. Her customer base includes companies from different technical sectors mainly.

Katharina Lanz provides you with exact and professional translations related to a wide range of topics. You can reach her in her office in Ahlen and at her email address info@fachuebersetzungen-lanz.eu.

Thank you for your interest!